🐓Minting is currently live! There are 7,777 Chickens available for minting on Launch My NFT. Minting is super easy- you copy the link and access their interface through your connected wallet’s browser.

🪓There are 555 Dead and Alive Lumberjacks on OpenSea.

Both Collections are on the Polygon Blockchain.

Once Party Fowl has a 75% mint, there will be a release of 2,222 eggs available for minting via LaunchMyNFT. This will provide a total of 9,999 items part of the PARTY FOWL collection. The 10,000 item will be a 1/1 Egg that will have (hopefully) some weight to do a collaboration with another intermediate level NFT project.

The discord server is in the works, as I try to wiggle my fat thumbs around to set everything up via the mobile app.

What is your utility and your goals?
As the community and the collection grows in popularity, I can build utility. I am a one man team! I do everything on my own and am constantly learning from the NFT community as I go. There will be real assets in some capacity once minting hits 50%. I also have a second collection, Lumberjack Beard Club that will aid in the growth of utility. I am looking for partnerships with web3 developers to establish an opportunity to bring the farmers market to your mobile wallets. I spent 16 years as a fine dining chef, and believe that access to farms and eating within the seasons is key to natural success and survival. You rely on a farmer in some regard every time you eat food, so lets allow them to serve more people by connecting their farms and operations to the world of cryptocurrency. This has been a long solo flight so far, and right now, this is as grass roots as it gets. Thanks for making it this far.

How do you create your art?
I use an iPad and draw everything on Procreate.  I use layers and file groups to establish each trait and use Appsus/LaunchMyNFT to generate each unique image.  These collections are also inspiration from my own personal life. I live in a cabin, in the woods and I have a homestead where my family and I raise chickens, bees and have an expansive garden.  We believe in connecting as much as we can with the earth for nourishment and sustainability.  I do everything related to these projects with an AT&T Mobile hotspot, my phone and iPad since internet is not available where we are. This is my goal with a web3 application to provide access to items direct from farms but being able to pay using cryptocurrency.

What is your timeline?
The timeline is relative to how fast these collections move.  They are priced low.  The more collateral and community support these projects can gather the more these projects can give back to the community. 

Once both projects reach around the 30-40% status, you can start to expect some tangible assets and more information.

At 50% I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to a charity that aligns with the community that is developed.  As we grow, we all make decisions together.  

At 75-100% of minting, we will purchase a space or plot in a DeFi Land yet to be determined, but this will provide more tangibility to your asset.

I will be as transparent as possible as this community grows. We can make decisions together, we can bounce ideas off one another and we can grow this is a community.